What is this site?
This site lists the best deals on EmpireMinecraft for each item.

How do I search for an item?
Start typing the item name in the search box. A dropdown will appear with items which match what you type. Click on the one you want and hit 'Buy/Sell'.

There's nothing listed yet!
There are a few things you can do. First, if you know a place, then add it of course! Second, try using the Auto-Reader to automatically add shops you bought/sold from in the past 3 months. Finally, create a chest shop on your residence and let players buy/sell to you directly.

How do I list that I am buying/selling an item?
Search up the item, then submit the form at the bottom of the page.

I have a shop. Do I have to do this for every item?
No. First, use the Auto-Reader to automatically add every item that players have bought/sold in the past 3 months. Second, register an account and use the bulk add tool to add anything that got missed.

Can I list items bought/sold in other shops?
Yes! We encourage you to add every item in every shop you know about! Don't worry if the item is out of stock or the chest is full as listings can easily be hidden.

A listing is wrong. What do I do?
Click the 'Edit' link beside the listing and correct the information. If the item is sold out or there's no longer a shop there, use the 'Hide' link.

Someone hid my listing.
Remember that you have a responsibility as a shop owner to make sure that your items are in stock and/or there is room to sell to you. Once you have confirmed this, you can add the listing again. If you already have the item page open, a fast way to do this is to use the 'Show Removed' feature.

Do you support exchanges?
Yes! If you have an exchange, list it at the current buy/sell price. As prices change, the listing can be adjusted by you or other users to reflect this change. In fact, the updates should even happen automatically when your customers or you use the Auto-Reader tool.

Someone vandalized my listing(s).
All edits are tracked by IP or username and logged to make reporting/reverting easy. If you are a registered user, a feature is in the works to let you reverse things yourself. For now, contact 'azoundria'.

Do I have to be registered to edit/list items?
No. Anyone can list items and update entries on the site. It is still a good idea to register an account in case this changes. (Which would only be due to vandalism.)

How do I register my account?
Click the 'Register' link at the bottom and follow the instructions on each page. You will have to fill in your username, create a password, and verify your membership on EmpireMinecraft.

What happens if someone registers with my username?
They will not be able to complete the registration unless they have access to your EmpireMinecraft account. Their attempt will expire after some hours.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
As any site with proper security should do, passwords are stored in a hash. Your only option is to set a new password. For now, contact 'azoundria'.

I have a question that's not listed here.
I have an idea to make the website better.
How can I submit my question/idea?
Here is a wonderful forum thread where you can post your ideas.

I love the site! How can I help promote it?
The best way is to add a forum signature with a link.

Can I help design a promotional banner?
Absolutely! We are currently running a contest in this thread.

What does 'Shrek is love' mean?
It's done.

I ordered my pizza with pepperoni, but it came with Canadian bacon. How do I get a refund?
Just ask. It's not America.

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